About Us

C.A.R.E. Counseling Christian Affordable Relevant Effective

C.A.R.E., both describes the central values of the counseling we provide and the core dynamic of our approach. We sincerely care for those who entrust their hearts in seeking change. Our counselors care because they have gone through the process of seeking genuine change in our own hearts and lives.Christian counseling needs to help people confront the truth with compassion and comfort.

C…Christian: Christ is the way, truth and the Life.

The foundation of our counseling is found in Jesus Christ. The counselors of CARE focus upon connecting hurting people with the power, peace and presence of Christ in the midst of their problems.

A…Affordable: We are committed to make counseling available and affordable.

Counseling fees are based upon ability to pay. Insurance will be filed for reimbursement when applicable.

R…Relevant: CARE counselors seek to help clients discover that God offers help that promotes hope.

Biblical counseling, relying upon the power of God’s Spirit provides real answers and solutions to the problems we face.

E…Effective: The truth hurts and pain is the pathway to the core problems.
The counselors of CARE are committed to helping hurting people identify the real problems, lovingly lead them through the process of deep real change.

Barney Swihart, M.A., M.Div. [click to read more] – Barney Swihart is the Executive Director C.A.R.E. Counseling in Philadelphia. He has served as a Christian counselor and teacher in the greater Philadelphia area. He is married and is the father of three children.

Michael Swihart, M.A [click to read more] – Since 1984, Mike Swihart has been providing individual, group, marriage and family therapy. Treating struggles of childhood abuse, (sexual, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse) trauma and sexual issues are areas of specialization. The counseling involving sexual struggles encompasses sexual abuse, sexual identity, sexual disorders, sexual addictions and aversions. Dual diagnosis, involving depression, anxiety, dissociative disorders and chemical dependency are areas of experienced treatment. In addition to his private practice, CARE Counseling, Mike has worked on the outpatient and inpatient units of Elkhart General Hospital and has been on staff at several churches.