“Awesome! I came expecting God to move and open my life up to let him move any way he wished. Boy did he move!! I found your seminar very practical, poignant, moving, and enlightening. I would recommend this weekend in a heartbeat!”

-Ben K.

” I found your workshop very much worth my time and money. I found the impact my experience vital and invaluable. I found the workshop to be the most wonderful experience I ever had with men!”

-Steve A.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and came away not feeling an overload of information because God powerfully dealt with my heart and not just my head. I was very thankful for the combination of both Barney and Mike’s perspective on many of the sexually addictive issues that have affected my life! My experience with my small group could not have been any better.”

-Bruce F.

“I found the weekend really uplifting and encouraging. The teaching was clear, pointed and thought provoking. The sessions made me search my heart often! I especially appreciated both Mike and Barney’s vulnerability and candidness.”

-Tom V.

“The weekend was absolutely amazing! This was my first workshop like this ever and it went beyond all of my expectations. I would definitely recommend this weekend to others!”

-Henry A.

“I found the weekend very fulfilling, almost overwhelming due the power and content of the teaching sessions. I found the sessions clear and very directed. My small group leader was exceptional.”

-Walt P.

“This weekend met all my expectations. I got what I was after. The teaching was very insightful and provided a road map for my next phase of recovery and living in freedom.”

-Rich W.

“Without hesitation I would recommend this weekend to others. The teaching was very powerful and practical. The cost was unbelievable. In my career field it is easy to pay $1200 for a 4 day workshop with men with the kind of credentials and experience Mike and Barney have.”

-James B.